Veroderm Medical Technologies 


Veroderm Medical Technologies established in year 2004, is now based in Switzerland with sales offices in the UK, USA, Korea & Malaysia. Expansion now covers most European Union countries, the USA & some parts of the Middle East markets. This was with continued creative efforts of the professional medical technology engineers & a team of designers and innovators of aesthetic technology devices gathering the industry world practical experience from different parts of the aesthetics world.


With VERODERM continued promise for practitioners to sustain the best ROI at all times & for all kinds of partnership & Veroderm investments; as well as for patients to always obtain the best long lasting results.

Veroderm devices combine best in German, French, Polish, Korean and USA technologies and designs for utmost reliability and quality standards with continued R&D.


Veroderm Medical Technologies continuously:

  • Deliver reliable multiple high efficacy technologies within expandable platforms. 

  • Support the widest range of aesthetic treatments for your practice.

  • Address practitioners and patients' needs and expectations.

  • Offer aesthetic technologies within financial reach for best ROI and feasibility for your premises.

  • Commit to your success with full clinical marketing and continuous technical support.


It is with year after year commitment with business partners, Veroderm strong presence was well achieved through dedicated work and committed efforts by our:

  • Business Development Division
  • R&D  - New Technology Evaluation & Development
  • Quality Division
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Marketing Division
  • Sales Division with information communicated back and forth from our Main Markets are: USA, Europe, South America, Korea & the Far East

to sustain delivering well advanced technologies exceeding clients' expectations considering different advanced market needs.